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I'm finding I'm the first to not care about certain things. IE there's someone who Sarah is friens with that I really don'twant to talk to, and who seems a little off to me somehow. I'm a bit more sensitive to energy stuff than nearly any other fronter it looks like, and this person's is just... off somehow. Odd in a way I'm not sure I like too much.

Besides, I don't want to have to explain things to them. It's bad enough I'm going through emotions that I never thought I would need to. It's bad enough that I still feel like a burden to those around me, even though they say I'm not. Isn't it enough that I'm here? I don't want to have to explain that I'm someone familiar, yet someone so different too that it makes the similarities seem small in comparison.

I don't want to have to take chances of things from my past coming up and have to sit and pour out my life to a person who, while they say they want to read things, have a problem or two with the concept of soulbonding. Because you see, that's what our system is mainly comprised of: Soulbonds.

Maybe we were here all along, maybe we weren't, I'm not sure that's the point here. I'm pretty sure there were people here before she knew what the hell she was doing... Pretty sure, but not absolutely certain. Just... You know, being a newcomer, and inquisitive and stuff. There's just so much here.

Is it wrong of me to want to show her what this energy feels like and to tell her to start to break away from this person? I meahn, I know they're her friend, but I can feel them trying to drain us, and I... dear goddess... don't like. They give me stomach jitters. And they feel different from the ones we get from switching. I can't describe the difference, but it's there.

I feel like a horrible person for even thinking like this. But... I just... *shuddershiver*... something about this person puts me off a little. Just... does.

(And no it's no one here. I wouldn't be writing up this long rantyramble here if it were)


Date: 2009-07-02 12:54 am (UTC)
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My daughter concealed secrets we never knew till she died, including a mysterious photograph Revcel 2.0 won't identify. Says if her first body wouldn't mention the individual in it, the second one isn't about to stop doing what worked the first time.

Er....let's just say that when she starts describing some of Huir's favorite things to do, I found my dinner didn't stay down that day. And I used to be an Inquisitor who did shit like that for a living. And I hurled that day. So...yeah, Huir was a pretty fucked up little dirtbag. Think when Susan Roth said that she'd finally met someone much more evil than the Laughing Man that I was even more disturbed.

H'vorxixnon H'ven Soroundon.

Date: 2009-07-02 01:03 am (UTC)
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You might see the Laughing Man as a Dark Knight Joker type who was evil enough that the supervillains of that world told Laughing Man stories. The Joker was a target of derision as an effeminate monster clown. The Laughing Man made the schtick respectable until Sarasvasti brutally murdered him when he was about to take a blowtorch to Susan Roth's shoulder.

And Huir was worse than that. Somehow, it's not an encouraging thought to realize that a monster of my own society was worse than a sadistic little prick like that idiot in clown makeup.

H'vorxixnon H'ven Soroundon.

Date: 2009-07-02 01:22 am (UTC)
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Indeed. Susan Roth hates his guts. Given that she went from quiet, idealistic Raven into the violent and anarchistic Dagger, she's reasons to hate him. Of her three siblings, she, Rachel Roth, and Tamar Silverberg, I'm most concerned about Susan....she's immensely powerful, and with enormous training in combat without powers as well. The Laughing Man instilled a pure fear in her, which is how he could control and humiliate her as he did. She's never recovered from it.

H'vorxixnon H'ven Soroundon.

Date: 2009-07-02 01:32 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] halialkers
She's tried, but it's hard. The Laughing Man cracked her conception of reality, but he at least didn't attempt to remold her like Huir did when he brainwashed my daughter into being his own. The Laughing Man tried once to make her the Harlequin, his henchwoman, but that was the one time she beat him and ran out, half-naked and bleeding badly.

He developed an obsession with her instead of the Second Batman because he noticed Raven never laughed. So he had her laughing all right...and Susan never psychologically recovered from it. It's how she went from Raven to Dagger as a result of it. It's like how Revcel went from Troubled and Quiet to Quiet and Psychologically wrecked.

H'vorxixnon H'ven Soroundon.


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